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Company uphold the“All user value for refuge”The management idea The company is adhering to the management philosophy of "everything is based on the value of users"

Good fly,1998Born in huzhou nanxun,Manufacture and sale of the company is a wood floor。Our mission is to“Let the quality of Chinese household leads the world“。Fly uphold the better “All follow the rules as user value”的 Business philosophy,For hundreds of millions of Chinese families to provide quality wood floor integrated services。

Good fly has been concerned about the Chinese family living quality,Our long-term commitment to the quality of the floor to the home in the promotion and process improvement。On the one hand, through to the escalating of machinery manufacturing equipment to improve the quality of floor of wood of the basic level;On the other On the one hand, spend a lot of manpower and seek the breakthrough technology level“The ceiling“,Finally successfully developed three layers“No aldehyde core“Series、Solid wood”Net natural aldehyde“Series conforms to the modern concept of healthy green Chinese household Products。Good fly hope for the construction of quality household life contributes an own strength。The value of user demand is our direction and motivation,Both dealers and terminal consumers we always adhere to the respect user value。

Good fly vision is to become a sustainable development of enterprises in one hundred。It is often said ten years trees,Ents in one hundred,Doing business as well。In the process of enterprise's sustainable development,We continue to focus on the user、Environment and the society Demand in the future,Pay attention to technology innovation and personnel training。The great beyond,Move forward。

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